Wednesday, April 23, 2014

my great moves online

I finally got some recognition for my dancing skills and am figuring in the Happy Harare version of Pharrell Williams's hit.

It probably did help that my wife -urban space Harare- was organizing the video.
so the entire family joined in and now even my one year old sings Api Api Api.
Cannot be better!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Painting Oscar's room

Haven't really been sketching too much lately, a trip to Europe with one of my daughter and spending hours everyday kick-starting my business as a freelance consultant kept my mind occupied with many excuses not to pick up my pens and ink.
This WE I had a couple of days without anything urgent to write and I was a bit tired of looking for jobs, so, perfect opportunity to do a mural for my son. We have been talking about it since we moved in this house. His ideas went from a safari scene (as I did for Lil'), to a car chase, aliens and space-rockets, dinosaurs, sharks and fishes under the sea, a T-rex fighting a lion, a castle under siege by trolls and hornets, a star-war scene with light sabre and the death star... many ideas, many great projects and awesome possibilities.
So when I took my paper and pencils, it was a bit tricky to put it all together.
I voluntarily couldn't put all the scenes on the pictures, for the simple reason that they all occured on the other side of the planets.
He likes it.
now my daughters are pressing me to start their room.
pink. purple, princesses, butterflies, unicorns, fairies, yep.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hail the zim-dolla, lets spray green!

Spray painting to start 2014. 
I haven't done much  sketching lately, just been finally moving and settling down in Zim, closing my time and work in Mozambique and hop, here I am in front of a big, huge blank page in Harare, with my wife and kids, and family. 
I am looking for jobs, the kind that brings trillions of zim dollars in. So in the meanwhile, I used my sprays and stencilled this portrait of Gaylo and Forrie. Lots of cutting and preparation for the quick pshit- pshits. 

Speaking of zim, there were rumors that we would have the opportunity to use a renewed version of the zim dollar, which if it was true would have probably made me brazillionaire this year. Then the idea faded away. Our comrades managing the country probably did not only see the great comotion the news created, but they understood better the great labour of the masses, who, tirelessly,  day to day, indegenise the american green buck and therefor litteraly spit and piss on the illegal economical sanctions the country suffers from the anglo-saxons.
I somehow could not explain the revolutionary and symbolic aspect of the currency to the waiter at the cairo airport, who choosed not to greet the zimbabwean-USD with a smile. I need more convincing powers.  
I say zim-dolla rule. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Writing for the New year in Newlands

I had the oportunity to paint on the wall of the concert/ dance floor/ freak art zone of Harare's first street party in Newlands for new year. 
I definitly had a good time spaying my bubbles all around! 
All the best for 2014, a year that will be full of new things, all for the best

Monday, December 9, 2013

test with cans

I had to try out the spay paint available here at the local hardware store. Different makes, large sprays,

top of the beiranese summer, it took between 24 to 48h to get each layer dry enough in order to put the next stencil on, without pulling half the 2 previous layers off. 

it was a good try, and the end result is pretty much similar to what I imagined. The kissing friends were quiet happy about it

Same one, but the picture was taken outside and the colours are a bit better but there are shades from branches above. Cannot have everything.  


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Houseboat on Kariba.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Vacans en Sxis/ Halada in Sxis sketchbook

Sketchbook done about my holidays with the kids in the Alps, in a french village next to Chamonix.  
Nothing much much to say about that one, really, except that Emirates Rocks when travelling with kids: private TV with 275h of cartoons, special food and attention, amazing service etc. 
I am still struggling with the scanning process. I am so disappointed with the scanner results that I rather take pictures with my cellphone and use them. Any tips are most welcome.


I used some of these figures for a wall proposal in zimbabwe (Check Newlands facelift