Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Welcome to Zimbabwe

Louise and I lived for 3 years in Benin, 3 in Togo, 5 in Mozambique, had 4 kids between borders and had lots of things happening to us, by us and for us. I always could manage finding a job that would work for me in places where we wanted to be, or sort of. My work books are filled with notes from meetings on the right page and doodles, sketches and cartoon characters on the left one. I feel i want to start paying more attention to my left pages.
From the first of January, we are now on our own. I am working as a consultant in child protection and other services, opened a sociedade unipessoal limitada in Mozambique and Louise an enterprise in Zimbabwe, she will focus on conservation and bamboo. 
And we moved to zim with the firm intention to stay there, develop roots and see our kids growing with family, and friends that are not moving to the Congo or Angola every second year. Big jump. Million of stress material, in the aspects of administrative procedures, schooling, house hunting, travelling etc. 
To resume a hectic semester, lou had a beautiful baby, Elena, we have a astonishing house on the top of the world, kids love their school, family has christened the bar many times, and we still smile and wave when people ask us the job question. Lots of projects, and small/big steps to turn them into reality. 
As for my left page dreams, this is the beginning of my blog, gathering sketches made along the way. It starts as it should, with wise words from our first night in Harare. Ambiance!

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