Saturday, August 30, 2014

Harare's ecosystem

Harare, Harare, Harare, 
I need to start a urban sketching group here, there are many people interested, it is just a matter of getting my lazy butt out and make it happen. I will do that after the house move, in Novembre, for I'll be a couple of blocks away from downtown and the most incredible buildings and places. 
We should move house on the first of Novembre, to go to Rowland Square, a stunning place in town, a real park, old kensington-inspired style for our tropics, surrounded not by oaks but by those funcky looking twisted trees, I think they are called spitting trees but am not too sure about that. They are not jacarandas, which are bordering the streets around. 
They are stunning it's all I care for. 

Speaking about trees, our good friends  Rob, Ange and their boys are about to go. They have closed their businness, sold their house and possessions and will be jumping in their car, for a ride of couple of months (or years?) around Southern and Eastern Africa, then they are aiming at getting their hand on a place southern France, to start a new life, to give their kids different opportunities. I found it really inspiring, to get rid of everything and move to a place you don't speak the language of and know next to nothing about... to start again.
I wish them all the best, they are great people. I hope that they will be able to get there with their green mamba (Zim passport), and above all that they are going to be able to cope with the french mentality, for that one is very very different from the pionneer zimbabwean one.
The palm will still be standing in their old garden. I sketched it last week, the day after their yard sale. 

And did some studies of Mosquitoes, from which I'm working on a more cartoony type for some T-shirt design.


  1. Hi, Fred. I stopped over from SBS to say hi. I've enjoyed going back over your wonderful blog...really lovely work you do. At the same time, I find it difficult to read some of your posts because you're getting into some of the uglier aspects of life in Africa. It is sad to see the disintegration of our societies and our planet. I applaud your efforts to face these problems.
    Best from Tunisia,

  2. Hi Fred, I enjoyed browsing your art. I love the sketches of your family and inside your home particularly. You do it so well!