Monday, November 9, 2015

what on earth is that

The book is out!
The author, Sarah just got the books in Zimbabwe and it has been on sale online for a couple of weeks now. 
I have seen one in the hand of my parents and family but still have not handled one, That will only happen in 3 weeks, once I am back home. 
In any way, it is available via amazon and reaches your house in a couple of days only!

"What On Earth Is That?" Is the delightful story of 2 children who find an extraordinary creature while playing and set off on a journey to find out what on earth it could be. It is funny and charming but delivers a powerful message raising awareness and inspiring children of all ages and adults alike to help to protect the most-trafficked but least-known mammal on the planet - the pangolin.

Where to buy the book


Bricks and Mortar

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