Thursday, September 4, 2014

I am looking like an depressed donkey (self-portrait in a mirror)

A quick colour palette view of the one I use, I have no idea of the colour code or names, the names were written under/ on the side of the small cups but since I glues them in that old pencil case, I have no way to read them again. It is the largest palette I have ever used. I had to fill the space.
I also enjoy very much my water filled pentell brush, it changed the way I sketch and the material I carry around. But on the other way it has limited my washes and stopped me from using big water-filled brushes.
I also got a new pen, with permanent ink, but still not water proof. I am still looking for a fountain pen or nib-system with a reservoir that can accomodate china-ink, or a brand of water-proof black ink in cartridges.
Fountain pens are nowhere to be found in Zimbabwe, so that makes it trickier... I cannot rely on the expertise of art-shop owners, or try things out before I buy them.

 I got an old self-portrait I made 20 years ago, and realized that I have not done any since, so I use the time that was given to me by ZESA, the zimbabwean electricity company that is kind enough to create the needed time out from our electricity dependency, se we can focus on other things.
So, during one of their numerous power shortage, i got a mirror and indulge in looking at me for at least half an hour.  The result is bloody serious. I look like I am going to blow my brain off in the next half an hour. Luckily it is not the case.
Ptoblem with power shortage is that you cannot listen to a stand up comedy show or humourist whilst drawing, and althought I am incredibly fun and entertaining, I still find it hard to make myself laugh for 30 minutes straight.
Or maybe the main reason is that I am bloody lazy and know that if I smile or laugh I'll have much more to draw, with all the crevasses, radiators, wrinkles, teeth etc. So I try to keep it simple and botoxed to the max, looking an absolute stuck up arse, hahahaha, serves me well.
I'll need to do better that that one soon.

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