Saturday, September 20, 2014

New school year is starting

Second of Septembre and the end of the long, long, extended holidays. Yeah said the Parents, Yihaa said the kids. first time in a whilethat they were up and running before sunrise.
The car went, and then came silence. 
Biiig silence. 
The type of silence where you cannot not even hear a shout, a cry or some lego crushing on the ground. 
To top it Zesa was down, no power, so not even the rumble and hiccups of the fridges.
Silence from 7:30 till one. 
Then came thunder, and I realised, hearing the three chatting about their new teachers, friends and things, over-shouting each other, that silence was gooooone, and that they were, indeed starting a new year.    

With the beginning of classes, comes new projects too. Did a small study of one of the weirdest creature, walking on his hind legs, full of scales, snot nose, eating termites, and rolling in a ball, theeee pangolin!
Also pretty much endangered.

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