Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sketchbook Skool

I am registered to attend the next semester of the Sketchbook Skool and it is quite exciting. It is starting tomorrow, yeah! It must have been at least 15 years since I took art classes, and I never followed anything online. So two good reasons, two new things!
My kids also are very thrilled, and have said that they will do as I do. It can only be good. I am really looking forward to hear from the teachers, the group, and have a bit of pressure in responding to my skechbook calls.

As well, the next worldwide sketchcrawl is happening on the 12th of July. If you want to send them the location where you'll spend the day sketching, do it here:
On my side, I'll be between airports, travelling from Harare to Kinshasa.

So I'll post soon.

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