Friday, July 11, 2014

Week in sketches

It has started, and I do quite enjoy being back to "skool", really feeling that I have to follow what a digital professer tels you to do, over the internet. It somehow pushes me to complete activities and get back to sketching in a bit more systematic way. Which is good. 
The first week of Sketch book skool was set under the tuition of Danny Gregory, and here under are the consequences of my week on paper. Two lessons for last week: 
- sketch something that is meaningfull for you, focus on the feelings it brings. 
- Sketch your day, journal your life and enjoy. 
 I am still struggling finding time to do so, and the distractions such as the world cup are not helping.  
Today is friday and I now am following the next lesson, its really fun. I think that the assignement for next week is : Draw Outside and Try colour pencils. 
Haha, and my challenge is that next week I am running a workshop, in Kinshasa.  First time I will go there.
So no way I can find "confortable" spots, places I am familiar with or people to come along on a sketchcrawl. Great challenge indeed. Will come back next week.


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