Wednesday, July 16, 2014

First days in Kinshasa

Well, I had to travel a bit and start a new field consultancy, so days have been a bit hectic. I did not really dare to scan and use my work time to upload, but now I found a connexion and took pictures of my sketches.
So here are the sketches of my journey from Harare to Kinshasa, airport and plane.

In the plane, for once I was next to a lovely lady, but i did kept a bit untalkative, I was sketching and she was sleeping. She did enjoy the drawing in the end and helped me talking thru a zealous immigration officer, the 3:am kind of one who suddently want you to open all your luggages. She said that he should be ashamed to bother zee aartist, hahahahaha.
Loved it.

We went to watch the Grand -finalee at the the german embassy, which had 2 big screens, I was in the middle of the 2, following the game and sketching the crowd, for the first 20 min. Then Argentina got a bit too close. So some people's expression are showing stressful expectation/ joy or dispear, depending who i was looking at and the phase of the game. The first 20 min is in this picture.  So are the remains of my first beer.

That is the street view from War Child's office where I have been working yesterday. On the left is the mighty Congo River. Today I could not find a moment, I was actually talking and holding meetings, which made it a bit tricky to say "sorry folks, you do understand that we take a break now, I have a smoke and a sketch urge". All the best were ever you are in the world.

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